City of Lakes – Bhopal

Upper Lake- Bhopal>FU7slxrQbE1DbR16cS77tX5SdtEESRGE7PxHHnCxl6ZjBsSRD_axswGNLV38ZYeYsqIC_ Bhopal is known as city of Lakes because it have number of water bodies especially Upper Lake and Lower Lake, it have small hills like Symala hill, Idgah hill and Katara hill which make its geographically beautiful. Bhopal is the city of cultural heritage too.

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  1. Indira Gandhi Manav Sangrhalaya or Museum of Man: Wonderful museum I have seen ever ,situated on Syamala hill. It is so big and have so many things to watch out, Quite informative about different aspect of life & its evolution, different culture, with some Science exhibition too. Open air galleries of different type of huts, houses of different states, desert village, coastal village and many more or simply I can say, you will find it more than your expectation.

  2. Bharat Bhawan :, It is a combination of different type of Art galleries, Paintings, Sculpture and many more located at the bank of Upper Lake which make its location magnificent and you can easily spend a couple of hour there sitting idle and enjoying lake view. Many play or theatre organize there, day by day so you can enjoy that too.

  1. Van Vihar National Park:It is a small national park by area but it is developed more like a modern zoo, located at Symala hill. Animal are kept in their natural habitat. All carnivorous animals are kept inside closed area while herbivores are allowed to roam freely.

  2. Upper Lake: It is very big lake on the western side of capital city, build by Raja Bhoj during his tenure as a king in Malwa ( 1000 yr ago) now also called Bhoj-Tal. Bank of this lake always have visitors, people enjoy the scenic beauty of lake, there is also Boat Club at Bhoj-Tal.
  3. Kanha Fun city:  It is oldest and one of the best amusement park in Bhopal. It is having water park , shopping place and food courts, good for family fun.
  4. MP Tribal Museum: located just adjacent to Museum of man kind on Symala hill, inspired from tribal life. There is 30%         population of tribal in Madhya Pradesh.
  5. Taj-ul-Masjid: build by Nawab Shah jahan Begum at the time of Bhadur shah zafar.Mosque has a pink façade topped by two   18-  story high minarets with marble domes. It is also known as Jama masjid of Bhopal.
  6. Moti Masjid: Symbol of Bhopal history and featurea a white       marble façade , mosque was build by Sikander Jahan Begum in 1862 also known ‘Pearl Mosque’.
  7. Birla Mandir: one of the many Birla temple across India , It is     always famous for its architecture.

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