Largest Shivalinga of Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple ‘housing the Largest Shivlinga’

Isn’t it exciting when you came to know that you going to witness something amazing. Something associated with the tag like biggest, highest, longest, deepest or something like that. Here, I am talking about largest Shivlinga at Bhojpur Temple ( Linga is a representation of Lord Shiva).

And it will not be wonder, if you didn’t heard about it. India is really a great country for the explorer, here you may find anything unexpected anywhere.

Bhojpur temple

This is Bhojeshwar temple or Bhojpur temple about 25 Km from capital city Bhopal , which has the largest Shivlinga. This ancient temple is approx 1000 year old. King Bhoja of Parmara dynasty had build this great temple during 11th century.

He must have been a great devotee of Lord Shiva, so he thought to build such a big Shivlinga. Name of the temple also derived from Bhoja+Eshwar (God of Bhoja) and so this village got its name Bhojpur.

Bhojpur shiva temple
Bhojeshwar temple

Mystery of incomplete temple

Bhojpur temple build on rocky plane, It is believed that the temple had never been completed, and due to some unknown reason its construction work stopped abruptly.

You can see the construction map/drawings engraved on the Surrounding rock, from that it could be easily figure out that temple is incomplete. There you can also find unfinished building component and a large ramp behind the temple which was for carrying building material to the temple site.

Bhojpur shiv temple

Structure and architectural plan of Bhojpur temple is quite different from the contemporary temples. Other temples of that time were always have a ornamented conical dome (Shikhara) and big Mandapa which connect to the inner sanctum, where main deity kept. But, in Bhojpur temple, you will find it architecturally simple having flat roof and almost no decoration on outer wall.


incomplete temple of Bhojpur

There is only a carved balconies on each wall and few sculpture on both side of main entrance to the sanctum. These balcony do not have any access, may be, it could not build due to sudden stop of construction work .

Temple of Largest Shivlinga

Here, you directly enter into main sanctum which is build on a raised platform. It has the huge Shivlinga of 7.5 feet, standing over big square slab and having net height 5.5 meter from the floor.

There are 4 huge monolithic pillar in the sanctum for supporting the roof, each of them are 12 meter high and around 30 ton heavy.

biggest Shivlinga
World’s Largest Shivlinga at Bhojpur Temple

You get a jaw dropping view here that is quite amazing. While looking at this huge Shiva Linga, a lot of question come in your mind. For whom it was made ? How people worship this much big Linga? How priest or other people reach to the Linga because it is quite high and there is no approach to reach. But no one is there to answer all these queries.

great pillar at Bhojpur

This ancient Bhojpur temple is still in use for worship and it attract huge crowd during Maha Shivaratri. Even, to promote this site MP Govt. also organised Bhojpur Utsav cultural event.

Apart from this ancient temple you can visit museum related to Raja Bhoja, located at 200 meter from the temple at the bank of Kaliasot River. Also try to read the drawing engraved on the surrounding rocks.

construction drawing at Bhojpur temple

Attraction around Bhojpur 

On the trip of Bhojpur Temple, you can also visit the nearby Ashapuri Temple, only 3 km from Bhojpur temple. These are a group of temples and mainly known for Bhootnath temple. These were also build during 11th century but mostly in ruin now.

If you are interested in prehistoric period and want to witness some of the rare place on the Earth. Bhimbetka rock shelters (A world Heritage Site) 20 km away, is a perfect place to explore, where one can see the proof of early human’s habitat. There you can see lots of figure drawn on the rock by these early human.

How to reach Bhojpur temple from Bhopal

Due to close proximity of these places from Bhopal, all can be cover in a day visit. The best option is to hire a cab from Bhopal for a day that cost around Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/- .


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  1. Hello Maurya,
    Its nice to see such a beautiful blog about largest shivalinga temple in Bhojpur. Here I am from nepal and it is believed that after you visited such type of shivalinga it is necessary to visit Pashupatinath temple of Nepal before you die. Thanks for the wonderful blog

    1. Thanks Prasant, soon i will visit Pashupatinatha temple

  2. I am not sure but lingas of Brihadeeswarar Temples of Tanjore and Gangaikonda Cholapuram looks larger and collossal in size

    1. The Shivalinga you mentioned also quite large but smaller in comparison to Bhojeshwar.

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