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10 Benefits of Corona & Locked down episode

When every individual has been deeply scared, not in a country but the whole World. Most of the developed countries are already on there knees because of this CORONA Virus ( Covid-19). It may be weird talking about the benefit and lesson from world wide Locked down because of Corona. But it is actually the most suitable time to discuss the benefit and learning from this CO-RO-NA episode.

10 benefits from the Corona Locked down

1) Environment friendly: Fear of Corona forced the whole world to pause, to be inside wall, making a distance from every one. People are scared but the Earth must have been enjoying this period.

Most of the Car, Buses, Metro-rail, trains, flight etc. grounded, 90% of the industries already shut down, No one pouring garbage into the river, no body is disturbing course of river by digging sand. No one is clearing the forest for developing new town or industries. These empty roads are showing the way to better & safe tomorrow.

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2) Lesser exploitation of resources: As the world is under locked down condition, people are bound to live with minimum resources. In this way, exploitation of resources became very less. Whether it is about clothes, shoes, jewellery or about Petrol, Diesel or other minerals, not much required at this moment.

3) Basic Need : Until we are not in problem, it become difficult to differentiate between; what we need and what we want! But now we can realise what we actually need. It is food; even people from the affluent class also got to know that hunger is more powerful than taste of tongue. Car, big house, reputed job, even the education are seems decorative. The actual need is food, and it is equally important for everyone irrespective of their class, gender, age, cast, religion, ethnicity.

4) Mastering the ego: Because people are bound to locked down inside their house, even if they are not having symptoms of corona. It’s an opportunity to learn, how to overcome & manage their ego, how to behave responsibly. Otherwise, house will become prison.

5) Family time: Another side of the coin is you are getting more time to live with your family, which was next to impossible in this Era. Know each other, work on the misconceptions, miscommunication if exists any. Play with your child, befriend with them, care your parents, make a call to old friends. Use this time for refreshing and rebuilding of any relationship.

6) Self depending: Those who never do the house hold work and depend on others for little things. It’s time to do it your own; clean and arrange the house, wash the clothes, help your spouse in cooking, it will make you feel good and satisfying. If you were unable to take Care your child because of 9 to 5 jobs, it is right time to water that relationship.

7) Communicate with self: Because of this rat race, for earning more, achieving more, you become distant from yourself, you could not find time for yourself. It is the time to think what you actually doing & what you actually wanted to do. Is it the thing you were started for. What you doing, is giving you a sense of satisfaction? Are you on the same track, for which you had begin your journey. These basic questions may lead you to a satisfactory life.

It may be a difficult time for those, who are in quarantine or locked away from their home. A continuous fear of loosing self or the love one may lead to abnormal mental condition. Click here: for more information about coronavirus and how it’s affecting mental health.

8) Game of Superstition: It’s time to evaluate your knowledge & belief again. What you have learnt till now, was it correct or it was just an illusion. You always learnt that GOD will help in your hard time, I think hard time have already come.

At this time, when there is uncertainty everywhere, no one assuring us about the tomorrow. Whether it is temple, mosque, churches all closed their doors, none of them ready to listen prayer from their devotees. Because they know very well that they can’t do anything for you.

“Have trust on God”, you always heard similar lines from such institution. But even the priest, who is doing worship from so many years is wearing mask now, because he know, it is about profession, not about trust. Everyone in the God business know any calamity, epidemic or pandemic can not be managed by their organisations.

From the poor to affluent, all have enriched these institutions. These religious organisation accumulated Billions of dollars and build lots of property but for theirselves only. Where Govt is planning to use hotel/ motel school, college as quarantine centre in case of emergency, no such religious organisation raised their hand.

It’s time to understand that the Nature is supreme, the real God. And nature is not for human only but for all living and non living beings. You may skip your responsibility but nature can not.

It is there to care from micro-organism to largest animal. If one species disturb the whole system, its nature’s duty to handle the system by any means. When your every step is against the supreme, you invite trouble for self.

9) The real education: Here, I am talking about the real education, that is not about some professional course but the humanity, empathy, respect & responsible attitude towards nature.

Understand the basic rule of nature, how it evolve, how it change, how it react. Understand the relationship between one object to another (living or non-living). Otherwise, selfishness of humans will be responsible for their own devastation.

10) Learning any skill: Last but not the least, use this locked down period for learning, enhancing some skill, for which you could never spared time from your busy scheduled. It can be anything like painting, writing, cooking, crafting singing, dancing or playing any instrument. Lots of material available on youtube that can help you learning these skills.

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