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Puri, travel guide with itinerary; Temples & Sea beach

Puri is the ancient city of Lord Jagannath, and world famous for its car festival ( Rath Yatra) which held during month of June-July. Millions of crowed gather here during car festival from across the Globe. Apart from the religious perspective, Puri has wonderful Sea beach and nearby tourist places, making perfect weekend destination. Here is a travel guide & itinerary to explore the famous spot in Puri and around.

Travel guide of Puri & Itinerary

Jagannath Temple

Puri temple

An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath ( a form of God Vishnu ) that was made during 12th century in Kalinga style. It is the most sacred place for Hindus, as per Hindu belief one should visit this place to attain salvation (Moksha).

Jagannath temple is actually a temple complex, having many other little and big temples in the same complex. it has colourful Inner sanctum with many mythological stories on the wall.

The city has been mentioned in many Hindu scripture like Rigveda, Matsya Purana, Brahma Purana etc. Apart from Jagannath temple there are many other temples and Mathas in the city.

Gundicha Temple- A beautiful and ancient temple build with Kalinga style, lies at a distance of 3 km from Jagannath temple. The temple got its name from the wife of King Indradyumna, who originally had built the Jagannath temple.

Puri Beach

Puri beach guide

Puri has a beautiful coast line of around 5 Km, you can spend your quality time with family and friends. It is the most famous beach of the eastern cost but mainly among the Indian tourists.

Puri beach is mainly divided in three zone; Golden beach, Swargdwar Beach and Light House beach.

Golden Beach: Most favorite among the tourists for enjoying beach life, here you can experience camel ride, horse ride. You can relax for a while at the beach.

Swargdwar Beach: This the beach market of Puri, where you can buy variety of things from house hold items to beach wear. Here you can also taste different sea foods like crabs , fish , prone etc.

Light House Beach: Located at the end of the city, so you will find little number of people there. So if you wanna relax at beach, it is the most suitable for that.

Tourist places nearby Puri

Konark Temple– The most famous sun temple of 12th century and the only UNESCO world heritage site in Odisha. Chandbhaga beach near the sun temple is also very beautiful.

Ramchandi Temple– It is also very old temple lie on the way to Konark, it is around 20 Km away from Puri. This temple belongs to Lord Rama who visited this place.

Bhubaneswar– Capital city of Odisha, around 65 Km west of Puri. Bhubaneswar accommodate thousands of ancient temples in the city.

The famous Lingraja Temple is just 3 km from the city center. Other main attractions are Udaygiri and Khandegiri cave that is 6 Km from Bhubaneswar Junction.

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Chilka Lake– This is a famous Lake around 100 Km from Puri, it is Asia’s largest salt water lagoon. There you can enjoy boating in the lake with family and friends in amidst of nature. If you are lucky enough you can have glimpse of Dolphin and many other birds.

How to reach Puri

Puri has very good connectivity with rest of the India.

Air: Capital city Bhubneshwar is the nearest airport 65 Km away from Puri. From there you have option of private Cab or you can go with budget friendly option of shared cab (AC /Non-AC) from Calpana Square.

Rail: Puri itself a major rail-head, this station is very well connected with Howrah and many other major city of India. Puri railway station is very well maintained and neat & clean.

Road: Road connectivity is also very good. Many AC/non-AC Bus are available from Bhubaneswar and from other city of Odisha. Road condition are very nice and it is just 45 minute journey from Bhubaneswar.

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