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Explore Chausath Yogini Temple & Dhuandhar waterfall in Bhedaghat

You must have heard about Dhuandhar fall and Marble rock, the two most popular attraction of Bhedaghat near Jabalpur (MP). But it was Chausath Yogini temple of Bhedaghat that attracted me more because I never visited any such temple before.

I planned my trip in starting of March, because it is the perfect time for travelling across most of the north Indian state. I reached Jabalpur early in the morning via train, Jabalpur is the main junction point to reach Bhedaghat.

It was time to go to Bhedaghat, so I asked the locals regarding the best option to get there. People suggest me to take ‘METRO’ a shuttle bus service from Jabalpur junction to Bhedaghat. As I was not sure about the timing of bus, so I chose shared auto from ‘Teen Patti’ bus stand.

Chausath Yogini temple of Bhedaghat

64 yogini temple, Bhedaghat
Famous Chausath yogini temple of Bhedaghat

Though Bhedaghat is famous for Dhuandhar waterfall, but I was more excited to visit Chausath yogini temple. This is the rare temple of its kind and one of the four temples of Chausath Yogini in India.

These temples are belong to Goddess Durga, where Goddess live along with her 64 attendant (Sevika). They all had yogic power, so were known as Yogini. These temples are more significant in Tantric activities.

Chausath yogini temple near Jabalpur

It is believed that Chausath Yogini temple of Bhedhaghat was build by Kalachuri dynasty during 10th century. The main temple have circular boundary and there are 95 statue of yogini along the wall. Every statue have a mark no. with and name of Yogini.

As per theory, it must be 64 but here are 95 and 1st one is unique which only have legs. Other than that all statues were build beautifully but most of them are damaged today and that may be due to several attacks in Mughal period.

statue of yoginies in 64 yogini temple
Statue of Yogini in Chausath yogini temple

This temple is at walking distance from the boating point but situated on the top of small hill. One has to climb more than 100 steps to reach the temple. But, it is worth to see this unique temple and view of surroundings. Also read: Chausath Yogini temple near Gwalior

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Dhuandhar waterfall, Bhedaghat

Dhunwadhar Waterfall of Bhedaghat

Dhuandhar waterfall is another famous attraction of Bhedaghat, located approx 1.5 km from Chausath Yogini temple. You can take auto but from the road one has to walk around 500 meter to reach at waterfall mouth. This path have several shops of ‘marble made items’. You can see the artisan shaping the marble to make different objects.

Here, you can see Shivlinga in different size and many other statue of marble. As you approach towards the water fall, a thundering sound can be hear from more than 100 meter distance.

Rope-way at Bhedaghat, Jabalpur

At Bhedaghat waterfall, Narmada River fall from 50 feet height and pass through standing marble rocks. The view Dhuandhar fall was quite amazing and mesmerizing. This waterfall create a smoky effect when huge quantity of water strike the rock and splash around, that is why it got its name.

There is a platform with railing (for safety reason) on right bank from where everyone can enjoy the vicinity of this beautiful waterfall. Even, if you want to get on left side of river then there is a facility of Cable Car at right bank that will take you to other side in Rs. 100/-. You can also read famous waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh

Boating in Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is small town near Jabalpur but favorite among Bollywood (Indian Film Industry). Many famous movies have been shoot here capturing Narmada River and Marble rock. You can also enjoy the same scenic beauty and shooting point via boating.

Boating through marble rock in Narmada river is a major attraction of Bhedaghat. The Boating point is located near ‘Panchvati Guest House’ in the town and 1.5 km from Dhuandhar point. Here, Narmada river is quite deep and cover large area that make a reservoir kind of appearance.

Boating Rates : There are two type of shared boat ride; one is for half hour in Rs. 50/- and for one hour in Rs.100/- for a person. You may also take a private family boat in Rs. 400/-.

Marble rock bhedaghat

You would have been experienced many boat ride before, but it will be more interesting in many way. There is always a commentator in every boat, who continuously keep engage all. They tell about the movie shoot here and also draw your attention towards different types of rocks like golden, blue, brown etc.

I had seen this kind of commentary in a travel channel, then I thought it might be only for camera sake. But here, I found it mandatory in boating culture. These boat guy tell you everything in funny rhymes and make your ride more interesting and memorable.

boating at bhedaghat

It look very amazing while you pass through narrow gorge, at one point marble rock come so close that a monkey can jump to other side, this point known as ‘Bandar kodini‘ which is most famous part of this boat ride.

Panchmatha temple

ancient temple bhedaghat

It is another temple of the same period (10th century) and around 100 meter from Chausath Yogini Temple. It is a temple of pentagonal shape and has one small temple at each edge. There is a Shivling installed in each of these temples.

After visiting all these important landmark I took METRO for Jabalpur, which ply at every 10 minute from Bhedaghat and it was really a better option than auto. Overall, it was a good experience and nice starter for my 10 day long trip of Madhya Pradesh.

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