adventure activities in Pachmarhi

Adventure activities in hill town of Pachmarhi (MP)

Pachmarhi is a wonderful place in the central India, which have enough potential to attract various type of visitors. Though, it is not so popular as it should be. In our country we usually go to those places which are mostly explored by foreign travelers. During my trip I did not saw any foreign tourists which may be one reason behind its less popularity. But, from my experience I can say it is the best location to plan a 4-7 day trip. This small tourist town has many things to offer. Your trip may be for experiencing the wild life of Satpura forest, or want to enjoy waterfalls on a family holiday or just as a pilgrim. You can also experience many adventure activities in Pachmarhi; like Parasailing, Quad bike, Bungee ejection.

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Adventure activities in Pachmarhi

Gypsy Ride

open jeep in Pachmarhi

While in Pachmarhi, the first exciting thing that your trip will be Gypsy ride. Normally you do not found chance of riding on open gypsy. When you go to Dhupgarh, steep and inclined road make your ride more interesting.

And these expert driver add more thrill with riding on fast speed and you feel the power of centrifugal force. Open gypsy is also a good option if you want to take photograph while on riding.

Dhupgarh view point

While you look down from Dhupgarh view point, you get a feeling of being on the top of world. Every thing become below your sight.

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Trekking in Pachmarhi

forest in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi town is lies within the Satpura’s deep forest. The world famous ‘Jungle Book’ written by J Rudyard Kipling in 1894 was inspired from these forest. There are several waterfall in forest around the town and for reaching up to these beautiful waterfall.

You have to track through these forest like for ‘Duchess fall’ you have to track 4 km one side. And if you choose to go the very famous ‘Chauragarh temple‘, which is 2nd highest peak then you have to track more than 5 km and have to climb at least 1350 steps.

Naturally fomed Caves

Jatashankar cave Pachmarhi

Town of Pachmarhi, blessed with rich forest and some of unique naturally formed cave. Most of these cave consider sacred and have religious value among Hindus.

Cave of Gupt Mahadev is quite narrow and dark, it look impossible to pass through for a fat person. At Jatashankar Mahadev you have to go down in the valley, as you get down, it look scary and mysterious. There is also a pool above which a big stone hanging and it look like could fall any time.

Some of natural rock formation like Reechgarh are inside forest, which is quite amazing and bigger in size. It feel like you are stepped in a world that is century apart from today.

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Paragliding at Pachmarhi

Adventure activities in Pachmarhi

These days Pachmarhi also started some adventure activities like Quad bike, zip-lining , Bungee ejection and Parasailing. In my trip I also tried Parasailing which was a short duration ride. but it was a wonderful experience to fly like a bird. Those who are afraid of such activity they must try it once to overcome your weakness. Watch the complete video of my Parasailing ride.

Try bicycle or walk

Pachmarhi is a tourist town, still here environment protection is a top priority. Peoples are very much aware of their responsibilities towards nature. These days authority of Pachmarhi, promoting cycling around the town.

Cycling or simply walk is a good way to know this beautiful town. Here you will find centuries old tree those have seen the birth of today’s Pachmarhi. There are few churches which tell the story of British era. This small town take care of all your comfort, very well managed and neat & clean.

Tree in Pachmarhi

Churches of Pachmarhi

beautiful Pachmarhi

How to reach Pachmarhi

Air: Bhopal is the nearest airport, that is around 200 km from the Pachmarhi. You can also find direct bus (AC & Non-AC) from some of the major city like from Indore and Bhopal.

Rail: Piparia is a small town and main junction to reach Pachmarhi, lies on the Jabalpur-Itarsi railway route and there are so many regular train on this route.

This small town is 45 Km away from Pachmarhi and well connected via road. You can find Bus and Bolero on southern exit of Piparia railway station.

Mostly people prefer bolero, because of hill route. You can hire full cab to Pachmarhi that charge you Rs. 900/- to 1000/- or can go in share that charge below 100/-.

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  1. Ok is there any tourist buses for sightseeing and how to book it..
    And you have told that i can go with bike in all forest area and non forest area with permit or without permit.

    And if i hire gypsy what would be the rates .as i m reaching there on 10 feb and leave on 12 feb evening. Should i book in advance or to book on reaching there.

    Will you suggest me itenerary for 10 feb afternoon and 11 feb full day 12 feb full day till 5 pm. Or you can provide contact no of any gypsy owner who can arrange for us in very reasonable rate. As we are 4 members or two families. Thanks
    Sugeest your ideas

    1. Mayank, gypsy is easily available at Pachmarhi, so you need not to book in advance, hotel will arrange it for you. price for gypsy is Rs. 1425/- for one day and if you go to reserved area, you will have to take guide along with you, that will cost you additional Rs. 600/-

  2. I want to know the place where i can visit without four wheeler and without any entry fee in pachmarhi and can reach through bike or bicycle..
    Please let me know …
    I want to spend one day in my own without any four wheeler. How much could i cover

    1. Hi Mayank, you can go to Pandav Gufa and Bison lodge by just walking. With bike or bicycle you can explore Cave temples like; Gupt Mahadev, Bada Mahadev Jatashankar Mahadev.

      1. Are these spots can be visited without any permit
        And also for forest reserved area can i go through bike or i have to hire gypsy like bee falls apsara vihar silver fall pandav caves .

        And please mention which places are paid sightseeing places and which are not paid…

      2. yes, these spot I mentioned, need not any permit. Pandav Gufa is within town and for forest reserve area, you can go with bike but you need to take permit from ‘Bison lodge’, other than permit, you don’t have to pay anything else.

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