travel guide for Bateshwar group of temples

Bateshwar Group of temples, Ancient monument near Gwalior

I was very fortunate, as I got chance to visit some great offbeat sites near Gwalior. My expectation from the ‘Bateshwar Group of Temples‘ had already been escalated, after visiting the site of Chausath yogini temple and Padavali. Now, we were only 500 meter away from the Bateshwar temples, but it wasn’t easy to find our way to these sites.

Bateshwar Group of temples (Gwalior), Traveler guide

Though, Bateshwar group of temples is just 5 km from the Chausath yogini temple, but most of the people in Gwalior did not know. Somewhere, I had read ‘Bateshwar road’ after taking turn at Malanpur from the Bhind-Gwalior Highway.

But the irony was, only few local people knew about these group of temples. We had to asked more than 10 times from locals. But anyway, our strong desire fetched us to the this ancient site.

The very first temple on this path was an ancient Vishnu temple, quite isolated from the group of temples. And we could see several spires of other temples just at 100 meters, So curiosity didn’t allow us to stop and we moved straight.

travel guide for Bateshwar group of temples near Gwalior
Bateshwar group of temples, an important protected monument near Gwalior

I could see numerous ancient temples at a single place, it was a jaw-dropping site literally. I have visited many heritage sites and ancient temples, but Bateshwar group of temples was actually a temple city.

A cluster of these temples were standing like the school kids stand in morning prayer, the smaller one in front row and then in order of increasing height.

All of a sudden, I reached several century back. No visitors, forest all around, divine feel in the atmosphere, all I can say it was completely different. It was difficult to decide from where to start, I was lost somewhere in crowd of these temples.

Ruins of Bateshwar temple

ruin of Bateshwar temples
Broken stone slabs laying near few temples
Temple of Bateshwar in MP
A temple completely re-erected while other one is still to complete, Some broken parts were also spreaded around

Other temples were not standing so decently, only few of them were standing complete. Some of them with damaged spires, while some had completely lost their head.

Thousands of temple parts were lying here & there, some of it were carved stones with relief while some were flat stone slab.

Relief on the broken parts or temple walls were depicting various mythological scene like, marriage of Shiva-Parvati, Krishan Leela and intimate couples ( like in Khajuraho temples) .

Sculptures at Bateshwar group of temples
Broken parts of temple gates and walls having many relief of God-Goddess and couples in intimate pose

Probably, one of these temple was in use of daily worship, because I saw holy bells and flowers on the Shiva Lingam. The same temple also have a Mandapa in the front but look like, it will fall anytime.

Most of these temples dedicated to Lord Shiva because most of them were having Shiva Lingam in sanctum, or Nandi statue in front.

Shiva temple in the Bateshwar temples
A temple of Lord Shiva, which is still in use for worship, and relief of intimate couple on temple wall
Damaged mandap of Shiva temple at Bateshwar temple
Mandapa of Shiva temple, almost in ruin and could fall anytime

There were two water pool surrounded by damaged temples, these pool might have been used for holy bath on the occasion of some religious function.

Bateshwar temple at Padavali near Gwalior
Holy water pool in between the ruins of Bateshwar temples

Role of K K Muhammad

As per the archaeological survey, Bateshwar was a group of around 200 temples of 8th to 10th century, this site is a protected monument. Very few historical researches have been done on these ruin till now.

In 2005 an archaeologist ‘K K Muhammad‘ took initiative to restore most of these temples. He is very passionate about his work, and his dedication and hard work can be seen in all the standing temples, all were just ruin before 2005.

Bateshwar group of temples near Gwalior
Look at the spire/ head of the temple, it need a lot of effort to bring it back to its original form

It was a big challenge for his team to choose right part from the ruins and assemble them. As per Mr. Muhammad these temples were build on the architectural principles mentioned in two Sanskrit texts Manasara Shilpa Shastra and Mayamata Vastu Shastra. So, following these texts helped his team to rearrange the broken parts.

And more beautiful thing about Bateshwar group of temples was that Dacoit Nirbhay Singh Gurjar with his gang helped ASI in restoration works.

Group of hundreds temple at Bateshwar Spending time with these historic monuments that are still looking for their identity

Any reading about these mysterious temples can not compensate the real presence. Feel the magic of site by visiting in person.

It was a great experience to visit ancient 64 Yogini temple and Bateshwar group of temples near Gwalior and one more step towards knowing our rich heritage of India. Whenever I visit and experience such sites, I feel more proud for our history and heritage.

Note: Bateshwar group of temples is yet to developed completely, so there is NO ticket price or visiting charges for these temples. You will find nobody to guide you about this area or history of these monuments.

Its better to take necessary things along with you like; water, because no shops or market nearby. Plan your stay at Gwalior, about 35 km from these offbeat sites, also explore some must visit places of Gwalior.


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