Rajgir to Bodhgaya

Rajgir to Bodhgaya via Gahlor Ghati

Do you think some time your journey become equally exciting to your awaiting destination. Yes, some or other time it happen with all of us. When we are on mission to explore new destination first time, usually we do not expect much from the journey. And when we start your journey, we want to reach our final point as soon as possible, so that we can explore maximum out of that. So, when we plan our journey we search fastest route, fastest mode to travel and try to bypass maximum thing that may come across on the way.

This happen to me, when i planned to visit Bodhgaya (Bihar), which is a globally known tourist destination. This place always full of Buddhist monk and other visitors came from different Asian countries in large groups. I also wanted to reach early, because i planned it for a day only. My route of journey was through Bihar-sharif –> Nalanda–> Rajgir–> Bodhgaya. I traveled to Rajgir once but Rajgir to Bodhgaya route was new to me.¬†

Rajgir to Bodhgaya and Gahlor Ghati

Rajgirh to Bodhgaya car Journey

These days road condition of Bihar, is good and its not a problem to travel with your Car. I too start my journey early morning so that i can reach by 10:00 am to Bodhgaya. Rajgir region have several hills which were home to several Buddhist and Jain monks including Buddha. Today roads are passing through these hills, and travelling through these road seems like you travelling in time.

rajgirh-bodhgaya road trip_2
View from my Car

As i cross Rajgir and move towards Bodhgaya on Banganga-Jethian Road, I found hill in my right start running with me and whitish cloud was slowly rolling down the hill. This view was awesome, one side rocky hill and other side coconut trees. It was looking like i am travelling through Kerala, but google map telling me that i was passing through Gahlor Ghati of Bihar.

rajgir-bodhgaya road trip

Gahlor Ghati of Bihar is wonder full region surrounded by hills and full of greenery. Nobody perceive Bihar like this, and always picturize Bihar, as a under-developed and notorious state. But now, i was feeling lucky to have this opportunity, and see that side of this state which never be a part of discussion of anybody. This area come into notice only after a man Dashrath Majhi made a path by cutting a hill single handedly.

Gahlore Ghati_2

Sometime you may get jealous of the people who are living in this area. Where, you are finding an opportunity to capture a moment in your camera and these people live all this. You see many happy faces in spite of less means of living. They do not have modern house, no modern shopping area even they do not have good hospital or school but they wear a smile on their face.

Gahlore Ghati

These days people are struggling to breath in Delhi due to heavy pollution, even school have been closed, its like emergency on breath. You need water filter for pure water, you need air filter for pure air if you want to live healthy. Some time it become confusing whether its about developed city or deteriorated city. And whether people living in these cities are more educated who give priority to road, building , bridge, money etc. or these people of village who still respect Trees, Mountains and Rivers.


Rajgirh-bodhgaya road


This little journey asked so many question, and made me realize what kind of development we are doing these days. In future we would have millions of Rupees and lot of appliance to make our life comfortable. But at the same time our children would not be able to play in open. Probably they have to photo-shop their picture to put greenery, clear sky, clear water river in their background.

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