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Corona; Is it really so dangerous ?

It is in the Idiot box, it is in everyone’s smart phones, it is also in everybody talks and everybody’s mind. No need to guess… it is CORONA Virus!. Is it really so scary or dangerous…that it become talk of the town ? Or its just a creativity of Social media, which is feeding every void of mind with their repetitive awareness episode.

The cough & cold, which was never be the concern of anybody, now turned in to a life threatening deceases. It is like, one of your childhood friend who used to play & fight with you quite often, suddenly appear as a terrorist. In the time of digital era, any thing can be viral within a day or two, then we should not be surprise if a Virus is getting viral.

Role of Media or Social Media

Nowadays, media is playing an important role in setting any trend. Today, almost everybody know about Corona virus. Most of these aware citizen may not know the name of our president, of course every one know about the PM! Media is such a powerful tool that it can frame anyone to Pappu, while another one to Super human.

media & corona

At any point of time, we carry hundreds of bacteria and virus at the same time, but do we really care about their name. As some researcher find something new, race for getting publicity begin. Think again, is it exist first or we discovered it first?

Power of Advertisement

I think no one will doubt this fact, that any thing exit way before it get discovered. Until it get discovered, it was no where, it harm to no one. But as some device detect its presence, the theory of its multiplication become popular.

It is like, until a company had not made fairness cream for man, previous cream was perfectly OK. But as soon the idea of doubling there income come to their mind, the previous cream become ineffective and the reason is ‘Skin of men is more rough & tough‘.

fake or real

Similarly, a water purifier which was very much perfect to address all the issue related to bacteria and dissolved chemical. But as soon as new technology came to market the previous one has started producing acidic water.

For some, this Carona episode is an opportunity to sell some kind of drugs & masks on inflated price, while for some it may be matter of gaining TRP.

Every expert (Medical/Non-medical) daily sit on news channel and spread awareness among the public. But is it really required to create such a hoax. Today, every one start frightening from handshake. And if some one sneeze or cough, people look at him like he is carrying bomb.

Flooding of awareness messages on Corona virus

And if someone found Corona positive, they are forced to be in isolation. And people who have been in touch with the affected person also become suspicious, even if they are not showing any symptoms.

corona advisory india

Various kind of advisory is in public domain now, everyone is selling as per their comfort. Even some highly intellectuals are advocating drinking cow urine and covering body with cow dung.

And people are aggressively sharing such news on facebook or whatsapp like they will get good news if they share it with other 10 or 20 people. Its not new, when we were kid, we all learnt such manner like what should do when sneeze or cough.

Every one is scared that Corona spreading so fast! But do you think, a corona affected person can transmit this virus to another two person, in whole day span? If your answer is yes! See this simple calculation:

1 person affect 2 (1st day)

2 person affect 4 (2nd day)

4 person affect 8 (3rd day) and so on…….

It will cross figure of 107 Crore…..on 30th day

Because every affected person would have been in touch at-least 2 person, before getting detection of Virus. Now, its been more than 60 days from its 1st news outbreak…….. but how many case are there??

Corona Virus; the only problem ??

Do you know, India rank in top for worlds top 10 most polluted city. More than 3300 people die everyday because of air pollution, and 2000 due water contamination disease.

pollution in India

Over 400 people die everyday in road accident because of pathetic condition of road. Approx 2000 children below 5 die everyday, just because of malnutrition. More than 100 people die everyday because of tuberculosis and more than 25 due to dengue. (Source:

Apart from Corona, there are numerous field that need more attention towards safety & security. But media or social media do not sensitize these issue because these subjects become too old to create excitement. Whereas, Corona is our new guest came from abroad, so all are busy in ceremony of Atithi Devo Bhavo.

In-spite of so many and big challenges, we all using our energy to hiding our-self from Corona. And people, have claimed to be died from Corona virus, fear would be the main factor behind half of them.

Market of opportunity

It have become business of fear, which is a universally proven and successful model. Most of the business are successful because of this.

Corona PPE

Different governments started allocating & releasing fund to fight with Corona virus. Some even started procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Thermal Scanning Devices etc.

Pressure is building up to set up more Testing & Research laboratory with imported medical equipment. And it is also giving boost to the idea of more investment in Biological weapons. There should be no surprise, if you see many patent or vaccine of Corona/Covid-19 in future from a single country.

Corona Bubble

India is one step ahead of other, here people are more prone to dupe by bank than to Corona virus. If you take sample of any 100 random people, it is quite possible that 3 to 4 percent will show some symptoms of cough cold body aches, or throat infection or like that.

So, my request is just to hold your nerves and be relax. You are quite safe at-least from Corona.

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