Cheoki station to Triveni sangam Allahabad

An evening at ‘Allahabad ‘

Our train was about to reach Cheoki station that is before Allahabad Junction, and Cheoki is the last stoppage of our train. Now, it is 4:50 pm and my next train was from Cheoki to Patna at 9:00 pm, so I had 4 hr spare with me.

Allahabad is always known for the confluence of three river Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati ( exist virtually) and the point is called ‘Triveni Sangam’ having much religious value among Hindus, And in every 12 year, a grand religious fest/ fair “Maha Kumbh” organized here, in which Crores of people gather from across the Globe to take holy bath and to witness the rich culture of India. It is the world’s biggest gathering.

Visit of Triveni Sangam ghat

Although, I am not a guy who looks for religious stuff, but here point was of spending some time positively. As I stepped out of railway station, one couple in their 60s, which was on their religious tour , looking for Auto for going to ’Triveni Ghat’.

Triveni ghat was about 6 km from Cheoki station I too joined them; we shared an auto and reached on river bank. And in the meantime I helped them in planning their further journey to Ayodhya and then back to Jaipur (they were basically from Jaipur).

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Soon, we felt like a family. As soon as we stepped out of auto, several boat man start asking us, if we want boat for the confluence point. They started with the price tag of 500/-each and finally agreed on 100/- each.

It’s already 6:30 pm, when we board the boat and it was a good chance to see Sunset in the water from the water. The wave have become golden, air was quite soothing, and we are in the middle of water, I fully enjoyed the moment, took pictures of sun-set, dip my hand in the river, wanted to grab every bit of that. 

Sun-set at Triveni Ghat Allahabad

Soaking in holy water at Triveni Ghat

Then we reached to the point ‘Triveni’ or ‘Sangam’. And there was another charge of 20/- for taking holy bath in the water. Uncle-Aunty took bath and they convinced me too for taking bath. I remember that day, when I didn’t take bath in the Ganga, even my mother insist me a lot but I denied due to dirtiness of water.

But this time, I want to enjoy the moment, so I took a dip in water and lay down on my back in the water, there was the Moon directly above me. It felt like, I was in the lap of nature completely, wonderful moment. I thanked them both for convincing me, I took their picture and send to their son on Whats-app, they became very happy. It was dark now, and time to say good bye to Uncle-aunty and to Allahabad as well.

Thank you for the great time……..

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