Tourist points of Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is one of the most famous hill stations of Tamil Nadu, lies in Dindigul district. It was always a famous tourist spot, where people used to come to enjoy the natural beauty with pleasant weather. Most of the year south India has hot season and Kodaikanal gives relief to visitor from hot weather. It is nice place to visit for the family as well as for honeymoon couples.

Tourist point of Kodaikanal

1) Kodaikanal Lake is the most popular tourist attraction, its shape seems like a star covering around 60 acres of area. It was built in 1863. Here, you can enjoy boating at Kodaikanal Boat Club. You also have option of horse riding on hire basis.

2) Bryant Park: very close to main bus stand; it is a wonderful botanical garden of 20 acres. The park got its name from H D Bryant, a forest officer who planned and built the garden in 1908. You can explore various species of trees, shrubs cactus and a lot of beautiful flowers. It has more than 700 hundred varieties of roses.

3) Coaker’s Walk– walking on the path that was made by Lt.Coaker in 1872 is also a favorite attraction of Kodaikanal. Here, you can have glimpse of Dolphin’s Nose and Madurai on clear sky day. There is also an observatory situated where you can experience the telescopic view of the surroundings.

4) Bear Shola Falls- It is a waterfall with great height situated around 3 km away within Reserve forest of Shola. It is simple walking track from Kodaikanal.

5) Green Valley View– some time it was called Suicide Point, around 5 km away from the center near the golf course, it gives you nice panoramic view of the plains. see similar tourist points of Pachmarhi (Madhya Pradesh)

6) Shembaganur Museum of Natural History– this museum is dedicated to hundreds species of animals, birds and insects and around 300 variety of orchid. It was founded in 1895, situated around 6 KM away. Here, you can also see the artifacts made by ancient Palaiyar tribal people.

7) Pillar Rocks-It is a group of three giant rock pillars which stand with 122 mt height. The area is managed by Forest Department. You will find this place full of visitors. This location is approx 8 Km away from the center.

8) Silver Cascade– It is big waterfall of 55-meter height formed from the outflow of Kodaikanal Lake located around 8 km away from Kodaokanal. This attract many visitors comes to Kodaikanal.

9) Dolphin’s Nose– it is a flat rock peeping outwards of hills, seems like dolfin’s nose, the place attract many visitors. The place is located 8 KM from the town and you have to track approx 1 km from Vattakkanal hamlet through Pambar Bridge.

10) Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple- a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan also known as Kurinji Easwaran, located around 4 km from the town, It is more famous because of Kurinji flower which blossoms once every 12 years found in nearby area.

11) Berijam Lake situated in the middle of forest around 20 km from Kodaikanal and for visiting lake permission from Forest Dept is necessary .Here, you can see Bison, deer, panthers and snakes. There are other nearby attractions like fire tower, Silent Valley and Medicine Forest.

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