Tourist attraction of Thanjavur


Thanjavur or Tanjore famous for its art and culture in South India located in Tamil Nadu state. Thanjore was the capital of Chola Empire and known to world for Great Living Chola Temples like Brihadeeswara Temple which include in UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, most of these monuments are located here in Thanjavur. Thanjavur have a unique style in paintings that known as Tanjore painting.

Tourist attraction of Thanjavur:

Brihadeshwara Temple- It is a 1000 years old world famous Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a beautiful example of Dravidian architecture and included in the list of UNESCO World heritage monuments as one of the “Great Living Chola Temples”. This temple known with various names Like RajaRajeswara TemplePeruvudayar Temple and locally known as ‘Big Temple’ due to its large Temple tower having a height around 65 meters and its 60 Ton heavy top Kalasha which was carved out of single rock . 

Rajarajan Manimandabam- One of the nice place in the middle of Tanjore town, where you can spend quality times with your family and friends. This place surrounded by beautiful gardens, lighting and fountains. It was build by State Govt to honour the Great Chola King Rajarajan.

Sivagangai park- It is a kind of amusement park near Big temple (Brihadeshwara Temple) where your whole family can have fun with no. of available options like relaxing in Lawn, swimming pool, boating, Toy train, cable car travel etc. It has also a nice collection of plants, animals and birds and serves as a small zoo for kids within the city.

Thanjavur Maratha palace was the official residence of the Bhonsle family who ruled over this region from 1674 to 1855. Originally it was the residence of Thanjavur Nayak, later on it was captured by Thanjavur Marathas.  The palace complex include Sadar Mahal Palace, Queen’s courtyard and Durbar Hall. The Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall and the Royal Palace Museum are part of the Sadar Mahal Palace.

Saraswathi Mahal Library- having a great collection of over 30,000 Indian and European manuscripts written on palm leaf and paper, many of them are written in Sanskrit. It is a 300 years old library, situated within Thanjavur palace complex.

Rajaraja Chola art gallery- is also situated in the palace complex. This art gallery has a large collection of stone and bronze sculpture belongs to 9th to 12th centuries.

Tanjore Museum- A good means to understand the history and culture of Tanjore, you can see here many artifact paintings and sculpture belongs to Pallava, Chola, Pandya and Nayaka periods.

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