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Vellore is a historical city with important religious elements. The city was ruled by several dynasty like Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Vijaynagar, Maratha, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultan Kindoms. Vellore has witnessed many battle for establishment of supremacy. Most prominent was Carnatic War of 17th Century. It also witnessed the massacre of European soldier during the mutiny of 1806.

Apart from city’s historical importance it become home of many manufacturing Industry and a major hub of South India in Leather product. There are many place of tourist interest in the city like Vellore fort, Jalakandeswarar Temple and Government Museum, Science Park, Vainu Bappu Observatory etc.

Tourist attraction around Vellore:

Vellore Fort- is the major attraction of the city that is located in the heart of city. This fort was built by Vijayanagara Kings in 16th century but ruled by many dynasty and during British period family of Tipu Sultan and Sri Vikrama Rajasinha (last king of Sri Lanka) kept here as prisoners in the fort. This Fort accommodate Christian church, a Mosque and a Hindu temple and even some of Govt offices.

State Government Museum- is large museum established inside the fort. Initially it was opened at another place 1985 but due to need of more space it had to shifted in the fort. It has large collection of artifact, weapons, sculptures of bronzes, wood carving , handicrafts. It has Eight gallery that exhibit more than 3000 items. Some of major attraction of the museum are bronze double sword of 400 BC, ivory chess boards and coins used by the last Kandian King of Sri Lanka.

Vellore Science Park- It is one of the four science centre developed by Tamil Nadu Govt. It has several galleries related to Science and environment. It is nice place for kids to learn with fun. A 3D theater also available in Vellore, where you can learn about concepts of cloning, life cycles, dinosaur, exploration of life, space mission, astronomy, solar system, mystic animals.

Religious sites of Vellore:

Golden temple- is located inside the Sripuram spiritual park at Tirumalaikodi around 8 km from Vellore city. The temple complex spread over 100 acres of area. The temple is famous for its golden appearance that look stunning and rich. It has gold covering of approx 1500 kg of gold with beautiful hand work in great details.

Jalagandeeswarar Temple- This is old temple of sixteenth century dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is located inside the fort complex. It is famous for its architecture and sculpture arts. You can feel dedication  and skill of that time artisans, it has exquisite carvings on its Gopurams, beautifully carved stone pillars and large wooden gates.

Venkatachalapathy Temple is located near Thiruvalam in the foothill of Vallimalai hill approx 25 km from Vellore City.  People comes here and pray to get child, as per Hindu mythology this is place where Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi gave birth to a girl child.

Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam-  Lord Danvantri is a well known god of medicine according to Hindu scriptures. This Peedam located around 30 Km from Vellore,  You will find that here prayer performed 24 hours for global welfare. Peoples belonging to different religion those are suffering from different kind of illness often visit this place and believed God himself act as a doctor here.

Amirthi Forest & Zoological Park-around 25 km from Vellore, near javadu hills and spread in 25 acres across Amirthi river. This forest include some beautiful natural stream. You can see number of animals here like; spotted deer, mongoose, foxes, tortoises, crocodiles, wild cats and number of bird species.

Vainu Bappu Observatory- owned by Indian Institute of Astrophysics. It is located at Kavalur around 80 Km from Vellore City. It spread over 100 acres on Javadi Hills and offer to explore wild life apart from observatory. It has Vainu Bappu Telescope which is consider largest telescope of Asia with dia of 2.3 meters.

How to reach Vellore:

Air: There are no direct connectivity of flights to Vellore and the Chennai Airport is the nearest one. From here you can choose train or road route to reach Vellore.

Rail: Vellore itself have two main stoppage Vellore Cantonment Station and Katpadi Junction. Vellore is well connected with most of the South India cities and many other Indian City as well.

Road: The city also have good connectivity of Buses and has Three main bus stands. You can book your trip via online and manual too, and it is also good option to travel in Budget. Whereas there are option for cab also which is easily available and more convenient.


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