Tourist attraction around Renukoot


Renukoot is a city in Sonbhadra district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is small hilly region with greenery. Renukoot is an industrial town. It is well known for the Hindalco aluminium plant (Asia’s biggest) and Rihand Dam.Renukoot is in Sonebhadra district which shares its borders with other four states i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

Tourist attraction around Renukoot

Rihand Dam-  built on Rihand river. This dam is very beautiful and have amazing sightseeing.
During the monsoon season, the water level rises and number of gates gets opened. That’s why, the dam is best seen during rainy season. People of Renukoot loves to have picnics around this dam.

Radha Krishna Temple-also known as Murdhawa temple since it is present in Murdhawa which is around 2 Kilometres from Renukoot. This famous temple is present in a vast area containing two different religious buildings.
The temple have magnificent Radhe-krishna idol, that can be even seen from outside of temple premises. Apart from Radhe-Krishna idol, the temple also have other deities of Lord Ram, Shivji,Narayanji, Durgaji etc.

Renukeshwar Mahadev Temple-This temple was built in May 1972 by skilled artisans. The temple attracts numerous visitors round the year. This sacred place is also known as Birla Temple. The huge idol of  Nandi Bail (Oxen) in front of temple’s Garbha Griha  is a worth to watch.

Jwala Devi Temple (near Shaktinagar)-It is said that this temple is inspired from Himachal Pradesh Jwala devi and a jwala always persist in the temple.

Vaishno Mata Mandir near Dala is inspired from Vaishno Devi Mandir at Jammu. The temple has a beautiful internal architecture. The garvha gruha has low height gate so you have to enter by by bending down. The temple first brick is watered by Jammu’s Viahno Devi sacred water.

Hanuman Mandir -It is a famous temple of Administrative colony of Renukoot. The temple is mainly known for its quite and peaceful environment. Every Tuesday, huge number of devotees come here to worship. The temple is found at a high altitude and provides a good view of Hindalco factory.

Ram Mandir – known for its beautiful shrine of Lord Rama. According to sources, this shrine of Ram-Sita attracts the devotees to a lot extent. This temple’s architecture is quite beautiful that attract many tourists.

Lotus Temple (Hi Tech Carbon)- It is said that the temple’s building structure is motivated by the Lotus temple at Delhi. This religious site is also known as Narayan lakshmi Mandir since Narayan-Laxmiji are the main deity here.
This temple is situated in Hi-Tech Carbon which is 3 kilometers from Renukoot and also famous as Hi-Tech Mandir.

How to reach Renukoot

Renukoot lies 158 km from the famous city of Varanasi.Air: nearest airport is located at Varanasi, from there taxi can be a option that will take around 4-5 hr.

Rail: Renukoot itself have railway station, but connectivity is not so good. even though have train from Delhi. and nearest main junction is at Varanasi that is well connected to all major cities. Check on or

Road: City is connected with Varanasi via  Mirjapur and Robertsganj

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