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Satna is  District  in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. During the Ramayana Era, Lord Rama stayed in the region of Chitrakoot, half of which is in the outskirts of Satna and the other in Uttar Pradesh. Satna district has some major religious tourism spots including Chitrakoot and Maihar. It is close to an ancient city of Buddhist culture named Bharhut, whose archaeological remains are displayed in many museums in India and all over the world.

Religious place around Satna

1) Bharhut Art Gallery- has been established within walking distance to the north of Satna Bus Station. The gallery is embellished with hundreds of photographs, replicas, epigraphs showing the social and historical importance of the monument.

2) Tulsi Museum at Ramvan, 16 km from the city, has many unique local artistic sculptures of ancient times.

3) Gaibinath Lord Shiva temple at Birsinghpur-semariya is a famous and old temple in the region. 

4) Madhavgarh Fort, about 7 km from Satna Railway station (Rewa Road), is another place to visit around Satna.

5) Venktesh Mandir, is near Mukhtyarganj. It was constructed between 1876 and 1925 by the royal family of Deorajnagar.

6) Shri Bihari Mandir, in the heart of Satna. It was built by a great devotee of God Krishna, Mahant Brindavan Das, in the 1880s. Bihari Mandir has been a cultural center of Satna for over one hundred years as it organizes a very famous Ramleela which is revered by the locals. The 116th celebration to place in 2013. 

7) Pashupati Nath was built recently on the outskirts of town. One other famous temple is Shiv Temple on the banks of the Jagatdev Talab, a man-made water reservoir.

8) Shri Raghuvir Mandir at Badi Gufa is situated on the banks of the holy Mandakini River in Jankikund, Chitrakoot. The temple is devoted to Lord Ram-Sita and also to the holy saint Pujya Ranchoddas Ji Maharaj who was the founder of Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust and Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, which is known across the nation for its world class eye care facilities and service to humanity. 

9) Dali Baba is a very ancient place of worship in Satna. It is said to have been established in 1857 by Abdaldas Baba. 

10) Satyanarayan Temple-A temple which is more than 450 years old.

11) Ram Jaanki Mandir -In Sohawal (7 km away from Satna railway station) a famous called Chhota Sthan was built by the royal family of Sohawal State. 

12) Hanuman Ji Temple also has a big Shiva Linga in Bamhori, near Jaitwar was constructed in 1962.

Around Satna you can explore site of Khajuraho, Ramvan, Chitrakoot , all are world-famous for temples.

How to reach Satna

Air: Satna has an airstrip called Satna Airstrip, built in 1970. The nearest major airport to Satna is Jabalpur Airport which is approximately 200 kilometers from the city. Another airport, which is 124 kilometers from Satna is Civil Aerodrome Khajuraho.

Road: Bus services connect Satna with various cities of Madhya Pradesh and some cities of Uttar Pradesh. The city is well-connected by state highways and a national highway. Satna is also connected to the longest National Highway: NH-7.

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