Pushkar Camel fair

India still accommodate its thousands year old cultures and traditions, which world get to see through various fests and fairs. Throughout the year India celebrate some or other festival, International fair of Pushkar or Camel Pushkar fair is also one of these. Though Pushkar Fair is mainly a cattle trading fair, where traders come to sell and buy of horses and camels. But we Indian always look for a chance of Singing, Dancing and Celebration.

Camel merchant at Pushkar fair
Camps of Camel merchant at the time of Pushkar fair
Different breed of camel in Pushkar fair
A merchant handling a group of Camels

Due to various cultural activities and events this fair got world fame and so become an International fair. Apart from the traders, this fair attracts lots of pilgrim, tourists and photographers from the globe.

Attractions of Pushkar Camel Fair

The people of Rajasthan (mainly in rural) are still rooted to their tradition, whether it is about their peculiar attire or food. Where women look in colorful Lehnga-Chunri with heavy ornaments while men in their typical Kurta-Paijama with turban ( Pagdi). Their dressing give them a unique identity and it may be the first thing that draw anyone attentions.

Rajasthani typical attire
Rajasthani men & women in their typical attire

As the timing of Pushkar fair also coincide with sacred month (according to Hindu calendar), thousands of pilgrim visit Pushkar Lake and the world’s only Brahma temple.

Pushkar is also known as Tirth Raj (King of holy city). And it is said in Hinduism that if some one visit all the four Char-Dham, but left Pushkar then his pilgrim visit will not be considered complete.

To cater the shopping needs of both tourists and pilgrims, merchants install many shops and stall, of handicrafts & food items. the items bring to this fair are mainly related to rural life style. 

Items in Pushkar fair India
A Rajasthani man purchasing beads with neck bell for his cow or camel
Handicraft item in Pushkar festival
Woman selling typical item used in villages

During the Pushkar fair, this desert town of Rajasthan turn into an alive and colorful market place. Apart from shops, many Jhoole, circus also get install, which still have charm among rural kids.

Camel merchants decorate their camel with many ornaments and colorful clothes. Some camel owner adorn their camel via making beautiful pattern on the camel body just by trimming camel’s body hair. In this fair people also get opportunity to ride on the camel back or in camel-cart. Also read Camel Safari in the Thar desert

Decorated camel in Pushkar fair
A decorated camel waiting for customer

pattern on Camel body Pushkar fair

The opening of these grand events starts with camel race in fair ground. Fair management organise lots of team events like tug of war, Matki Fod for both men and women. Some competition exhibit the individual talent like; who has the longest moustache, has the longest hair or the longest turban. You can also see the camel and horse dancing in this fair.

In this fair snake charmers also get chance to show their history old tradition to global tourist. You can also enjoy the dance performance of ladies or kid on the Rajasthani folk song. Here, you can enjoy live performances of other street artists too.

snake charmer at Pushkar fair
Snake charmer at Pushkar fair
Street artist at Pushkar fair
Street artist giving performance in Pushkar fair

Street artist at International Pushkar fair

performance of street artist in Pushkar fair
Local visitors enjoying performance of street artist

The Pushkar fair contribute a lot in tourism of Rajasthan, so nowadays Pushkar fair become the important and integral part of Rajasthan Tourism. And for making this fair more popular among the international tourists, Rajathan tourism welcome Hot air balloon operators. So if you are looking for a life time experience of flying in Hot air balloon, Pushkar is the perfect destination though this ride will cost you hefty amount.

Timing of Pushkar Camel Fair

The Pushkar fair held almost for a month, usually from mid October to mid November. Where traders gather along with their Cattle from the various parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. They setup their camp near the ancient town of Pushkar (Rajasthan).

Almost all the cultural activities take place during the last 5 days of the fair ( from Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima as per Hindu calendar). This year, main events of Pushkar Camel fair will held from 7th to 12th November 2019. 

Gujarat also organise Run Utsav to give boost to their tourism, that also start from November and last up to Feb. So if you plan properly, you can enjoy both the festival in same period.

Venue of Pushkar Camel Fair

International Pushkar fair or Pushkar camel fair held every year at the ancient town of Pushkar. Which lies in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, around 150 Km from Jaipur and around 415 Km from the nation capital Delhi. 

How to Reach Pushkar 

Pushkar is just 12 Km from the Ajmer which is also a famous pilgrim site. Ajmer have very good connectivity with Jaipur and Delhi via Rail and road route, while the nearest Airport located at Jaipur. If you plan your trip via Jaipur, then must explore these 10 top most attraction of Jaipur city.

Train between Ajmer and Pushkar. Train no. 59607 run from Ajmer at 9:50 AM and take 1 hour to reach Pushkar and same train come back at 4:00 PM. Nowadays Ola cab service is also available between Ajmer and Pushkar.

Where to Stay 

On the expedition of exploring cultural fest of Puskar, you get plenty of options to stay from budget to luxury. You can also book your stay at Ajmer, as it is itself a tourist destination and very close to Pushkar. And if you want to have experience of camping in tent, you get that option too in Pushkar but on higher price as compare to hotel.

Other must visit place of Pushkar

Brahma temple : As I said Pushkar is the only place on the Earth, where you can see a temple of Lord Brahma. So, you must take benefit of this opportunity during your trip.

Pushkar Lake : It is Just 5 minute walk away from the Brahma temple. This lake is sacred for Hindu, more than 50 King have built ghat around this sacred lake. 

sacred Pushkar lake

Shri Rangnath temple: Pushkar town have temple in every small street but Rangnath temple is a must visit, It is beautifully designed in South Indian style. Temple walls have thousands of unique sculptures.

Note: Camera is not allowed at Brahma temple and Rangnath temple.

Ajmer: You must add one day to your Puskar trip so that you can visit Ajmer’s famous Dargah Sarif ( Grave of Sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti), Adhai din ka Jhopda, one of the oldest mosque of India and to spend a relax evening at Ana Sagar lake.

Adhai din ka Jhopda
Adhai din ka Jhopda, a mosque built by Qutb-ud-Din-Aibak

Other tourist places of Rajathan

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