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Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh) has some of the popular tourist places and as a result, many people throng the region of Balaghat throughout the year. In MP Balaghat district has much natural beauty, mineral deposits and  numbers of famous tourist spot.Places around Balaghat :

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park falls in the Balaghat and Mandla districts. It is located in the “Maikal” ranges of the Satpura Mountain Range. The Park is internationally renowned for its rich floral and fauna attributes.

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Lanji Temple or Fort

The Fort is located at Lanji Tehsil of Balaghat. The Temple and its Statutes art are of Khajuraho Temples‘ style. The Lanji Fort is also related with Gond Dynasty. There are so many temples within Fort with lot of Statutes like Lord Shiva, Mahamaya, Lanjkaidevi

Rampaily Temple
A historical place located 30 Kilometers away from District head quarter. The temple is built on the bank of Chandan River, in which Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman and Balanji’s big statutes are there.

Nahlesara Dam

is built on Chandan River. Its length is 1.5 kilometres and it is quite old Dam. It is 58 kilometers away from district headquarter Balaghat. The Dam is used for irrigation purpose. Behind the Dam about one kilometre, away one temple Amma Mai is there which is also famous.

Hatta Bawali

The village Hatta is located about 30 Km away from the district headquarter. The village Hatta is famous for its history. At the time of British government, Hatta was centre of a powerful Zamindari system. Here one Bawali and old temple is situated. It was built in 17th Century.

Dhuti Dam

The Dhuti Dam is built on Wainganga River and it is around 65 km. away from Balaghat near Lamta. The dam is quite oldest; it was constructed during year 1911-23.

Gangulpara Tank and Water Fall

From district headquarter Balaghat around 14 km. away on Baihar road the Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall is located. The natural beauty surrounding Tank and Waterfall looks nice. People at Balaghat used to go there for picnic.How to Reach Balaghat:

Road:Balaghat district is well connected by buses, directly with important places such as Bhopal, Nagpur, Gondia, Jabalpur, Raipur etc.

Rail:The District Headquarter is situated on Narrow gauge line of Jabalpur-Balaghat and Broad-gauge line of Balaghat-Gondia section of South-Eastern Railway. The nearest Airport is at Nagpur.

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