Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary is located in one of the oldest mountain ranges of India, the Aravalli range. It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1980.It spreads out into a plateau which is about 19 km in length and 6 km in breadth. In altitude, it varies from 300 meters at the foot to 1722 meters at Guru Shikhar, the highest peak in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu is the only place in Rajasthan where one can observe a variety of orchids. The place is also rich in bryophytes and algae. Three species of wild roses and 16 species of feras some of which are quite rare have also been reported from here. The south-west part of the sanctuary is rich in bamboo forests.

A variety of fauna, including highly rare, threatened and endangered species are found in this sanctuary. The history of Mount Abu indicates the presence of lion (last recorded in 1872) and tiger (last reported in 1971). Presently the leopard is the apex predator. Other animals found here are sambhar, jungle cat, small Indian civet, wolf, hyaena, jackal, Indian fox, common langur, wild boar, bear, pangolin, common mongoose, Indian hare, porcupine and hedgehog. The sanctuary provides an ideal habitat for the sloth bear too. It is unique in the sense that more than 250 species of birds are found here, but the specialty of the Abu sanctuary is the grey jungle fowl. How to Reach:

how to order Depakote taper Rail: Abu Road is the nearest railway station just 28 KM from the main city, Which is very well connected by rail routes to New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai.

can you buy viagra over the counter in europe  Air: The nearest airport is Udaipur at a distance of 185 km, But Ahmedabad is having better connectivity and daily flights with other parts of the country and is just 221 KM from Mount Abu.

Road: Mount Abu is well connected by road with major cities of the country, nearest national highway no. 14 is just 24 KM’s.

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