most beautiful fort of Rajasthan

The most beautiful fort of Rajasthan : Junagarh fort of Bikaner

While you are in Bikaner, you can not miss the Junagarh Fort. It is one of the most beautiful fort of Rajasthan which is located within the city. Mostly known fort of Rajasthan were built on the hills but this is among very few fort situate on plane land. The initial construction of this fort was done during the reign of  Raja Rai Singh (great grand son of Rao Bika) of Bikaner in the last of 16th century. In the later period Karan Singh, Anup Singh and other subsequent ruler of this region also contributed to the extension of fort. They added more palace and beautification to the fort and still known on their name like Karan Mahal or Anup Mahal.  Ganga Singh was the last who ruled from this fort and in early 2oth century the royal family shifted to then newly built Lalgarh palace

Junagarh Fort of Bikaner
Junagarh Fort of Bikaner

The Fort Complex has several ornamented palaces, temples, and a Fort museum. Outer structure of the fort made of red sandstone and inner palaces decorated with white and colorful marbles. Although it is famous as the fort of beautiful palaces but it was equally strong to check any attack. Its outer walls having a width of 4.5 meter and 12 meter high.

Junagarh Fort Museum
junagarh fort museum
Junagarh fort museum

This fort has a wonderful museum and for entering in the main palace complex you have to pay Rs. 50/- that is museum fees. And for taking camera you have to pay additional charges. This museum was established in 1961 by Maharaja Dr.Karni Singhji and maintained by Maharaja Rai Singhji Trust.

All the beautiful palaces of this fort are well maintained and managed, all are on display now to showcase the grand life style of this Raja-Maharaja. Here are some nice pictures that will help you in peeping in that grand life.


Kings Chamber
Junagrh fort
Cot of Short length and low legs in kings room

Walls of these royal rooms are decorated with several beautiful paintings, even artisan have used gold and other precious metal to enhance the royalty.

Being a king was not so easy that time, a possibility of attacks always been there from any intruder. Their situations can be understand by witness their short length cot, they use such type of cot so that their legs remain on floor while sleeping and so they could easily managed to stand even if they tied up with cot. 


Jungarh Fort
Jhoola on display in Phool Mahal
Table that was used for playing cards
Anup Mahal Junagarh fort
Roof of Private audience hall (Diwan-i-Khas) in  Anup Mahal, Junagarh fort

Private audience hall or Diwan-i-Khas was the place where only some important members were allowed to meet with the king.

A beautiful wall shelves in the fort palace of Junagarh


Charted plane at Fort museum of Junagarh
Charted plane at Fort museum of Junagarh

This fort museum is so rich that it is having a great collection of charted planes. These planes were in the use of Ganga Singh who also served in Indian Army during British period and was also a part of World War-I.

Jhoomar of ceiling in a fort hall


Garden at Junagarh Fort
Garden at Junagarh Fort

There is also a beautiful garden within the fort premises that can be seen from the roof or from the window of different palaces.

Reaching at Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

Junagarh fort is located within the city so reaching here is not a problem, Auto -rickshaw is readily available in the city.  

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