Travel guide to Khajuraho temples

Travel guide to Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho in India is a dream destination for any heritage lover. India has many heritage sites but Khajuraho temples have its own charm. A visit to Khajuraho temples will amaze you, will make you proud and will enrich your knowledge about the diverse Indian heritage. Here is a quick travel guide to visit World famous Khajuraho temples. 

Travel guide of Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho was a religious capital of Chandela dynasty around 1100 years ago. During that period, every Chandela ruler had shown great interest in making some of the world’s most beautiful, amazing and unique temples. 

Today, Khajuraho temples draw maximum number of foreign tourists in the central India. These temples are unique because of having several romantic and erotic sculptures. Some of these sculptures are quite loud in expressing their lust, and anyone can associate these temples with Kama or Kamasutra.

Erotic sculpture in Khajuraho temples
Erotic sculpture on a a western group of temple in Khajuraho, for more of such sculpture click here

Not only the erotic images, but other architecture details of Khajuraho temples is equally amazing. All the temples covered with thousands of small and mid size sculptures, depicting or can say celebrating various stages of life.

Because of uniqueness and beautiful architecture, Khajuraho temples have marked their presence on the World map as UNESCO World heritage sites.

As on date around 25 of these ancient temples exist, and broadly divided in two main group’s i.e. western and eastern group of monument.

Western group of monuments in Khajuraho temples

This is the main temple groups which earn the World heritage title. Vishvanatha temple, Lakshman temple and Kandaria Mahadev temple are the most notable among this group of monument.

Vishvanatha temple

Vishvanath temple in Khajuraho

An important Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, sharing its name with Vishvanath temple of Varanasi and of Uttarkashi. It stand on a high platform with a Nandi temple in front.

This temple is decorated with beautiful carving and many beautiful sculptures of various kinds that include animals, Apsara (nymphs). Middle wall gallery is mainly for the erotic figures. Temple porch has some ancient inscriptions regarding its history.

 Lakshmana temple

Lakshmana temple in Khajuraho temples

Lakshmana temple is the oldest in the western group of temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has several sculptures of Lord Vishnu in various forms (avtars) along with hundreds of elephants and horse sculptures.

Like other temple of the group, it also has an erotic art gallery. Temple platform also has four smaller temples at each corner. There is one Lakshmi temple and one Varaha temple in front of Lakhshmana temple.

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Kandariya Mahadev temple

Kandariya mahadev: most important among Khajuraho temples

Kandaria Mahadev temple is the most important and best survived temple of the western group. This temple is  dedicated to Lord Shiva, also has highest Sikhara (tower) among all.

Its main tower has 84 miniature of spire which made it distinct from other temples. The temple’s architecture plan is quite similar with Vishvanatha and Lakshmana temple. Shares its platform with Jagdamba temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the batter half of Lord Shiva.

Apart from these main temples, one Chitragupta temple dedicated to God Sun, one Parvati temple and one Islamic temple also there within the same temple complex.

Khajuraho temples; Timing & Entry fee 

Western group of monument are lies within a large compound, maintained by Archeological Survey of India (ASI). To visit these monuments one has to buy entry ticket with nominal charge for India (Rs. 40/-) and Rs. 500/- for foreign visitors.

The gate of Khajuraho heritage complex, mainly western group of monument open early in the morning with Sun rise and close around Sun set.

chitragupta temple of Khajuraho
Chitragupta temple dedicated to Sun God

Matangeshwara temple

There is another important temple named Matangeshwara adjacent to Lakshmana temple but outside the bounded complex. It is the only temple of that era, which is still in use for daily worship. It has a quite large Shivalingam of 2 meter height. 

Do you know which temple has the largest Shivaling ?

There are two museum associated with history and heritage of Khajuraho; one is just in front of western group of monuments and other one is approx 500 meter away on the same road. These museums have various broken sculptures found during the excavation and restoration of site. Here, many old photograph of the site can be seen.

Light & Sound show at Khajuraho temples

Madhya Pradesh tourism also organize a light & sound show in the complex of western group monuments. This one hour show is in Hindi and English language, with different time slot in evening.

Eastern group of monuments

These temples are mainly lie within the old town of Khajuraho. No cost is involved in visiting these monuments, though ASI takes care of these. All these temples close at sun-set so its batter to club your morning walks with visit of these monuments. Some of notable temples of this group are Vaman temple, Juwari temple, Brahma temple and Ghantai temple.

Travel Guide Khajuraho temple
Vaman temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his dwarf form.
Varaha Avtar of Lord Vishnu at Khajuraho
An sculpture gallery on the wall of Juwari temple, possibly this temple also dedicated to Lord Vishnu because it has Lord Vishnu in boar headed form (Varaha avtar )

Apart from these monuments some Jain temples also part of eastern group. There are various life size statues of Bhagwan Bahubali, Parshavnath and Mahavira.

There are some other important temples like Duladeo Shiva temple at the bank of Khudar River and Chaturbhuj temple build in typical Khajuraho style and usually mentioned as Southern group of monuments.

Eat & Stay at Khajuraho

Various budget hotels/homestay available near the western group of monuments on Jain mandir road, it is the main market of Khajuraho. There are some guest houses like ‘Zostel’ or ‘Yogi Ashram’ that offer shared room/dormitory for backpackers.

If you are on luxury tour, you can book your stay with ‘Radisson Jass’ or ‘The Lalit’, also can try Tourist Village Khajuraho.

Anything to buy in Khajuraho

Near the western group complex, you will see many stall and young guys selling booklets of temple’s erotic art gallery. Even you can see Kamashutra on every stall very casually.

Main market is also filled with paintings and statues of sensual sculptures borrowed from Khajuraho temples. If you are really fascinating about it, you can buy painting but don’t forget to bargain.

Nearby tourist attractions 

During your Khajuraho visit, you can go for Raneh water fall and Ken Crocodile sanctuary.

Some hotel also organize one day tour to Panna National Park along with Asia’s only active Majhagaon diamond mine approx 50km away from Khajuraho.

How to reach Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho is a small town in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, approx 650 km from Indian capital Delhi.

By Air: There is an Airport in Khajuraho which is about 10 km from main town. Direct flights available from Delhi, Mumbai, Agra and Varanasi.

By Train: If you are a budget traveler you can try train from Delhi via Jhansi or from Allahabad. Khajuraho itself have a railway station 15 km from town but with limited availability of trains. So you have to plan in quite advance.

Mahoba is the other nearest railway station that is 70 KM from Khajuraho. You can book a taxi for Khajuraho.

You will find lots of Auto rickshaws for Rajnagar at the exit of Khajuraho Railway station; they all pass through Khajuraho and charge only 10 to 15 rupees for share ride.

By Bus: There is only one or two bus ply directly from Bhopal/Indore in night. You can also find limited Bus from Mahoba, but I will not recommend personally. Condition of these buses are not good and they take almost 4 hour for this 70 Km journey.

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