Khajuraho to Mahoba ( A bus journey)


This time I was coming from Khajuraho, I didn’t get direct train from Khajuraho. So, that day I woke up early and left my guest house ‘Yogi Ashram ‘ at 7 am to catch bus for Mahoba, from where my train was on 11:30 am for Allahabad. I did not have any idea about this bus ride, as it was my first time on this route.

At 9:45 bus reached ‘Luv Kush Nagar’ City got its name from Hindu mythology ‘Ramayan’ . Luv and Kush was twin sons of God ‘Rama’. Now most of travelers left the bus and started looking for some time pass. After some I got to know that Bus will start on 10:30 ( a complete halt of 45 minute) . I realized that still there are people exist on Earth who have ample of times and they are not any hurry to jump from one point to other, like I was. Luv-Kush Nagar have small hills and I found one thing very amazing that there was a word ‘RAM’ written on every stone of hill. Who would have written this word everywhere, or any govt or panchayat involved in this. Whatever it may be…it was simply amazing.

It was already 11:30, when bus have stopped on a petrol pump 6 km before Mahoba, and only thing in my mind was, what if I miss my train. These are interior part on the state and you have not much option. Finally, bus left that petrol pump on 11:45 and I was praying that train should be late, it was an abnormal wish. On reaching Mahoba bus stand I looked for auto for another 5 km journey to the Railway station. And I reached Mahoba station 5 minute prior of my train arrival. Then I felt relax and board the train .and decided that I will never take this kind of Bus journey.

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