love making posture of Khajuraho

Erotic Sculpture of Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho temples are well known world wide for its erotic sculptures. Though, it is a famous World heritage site of India but site attract more tourist than of heritage and history lovers. Even, Khajuraho art is itself a synonymous of erotic art. Lots of erotic Paintings and sculpture being sold around the world on the name Khajuraho Art. It is also very unique thing that a religious or sacred place have such figures. These sculptures are sensual and sexual too. So, any body can associate these erotic sculptures with the famous ancient scripture of Kamasutra , which was written by Vatsayana. Such architecture and art form of these temples make everybody curious to explore this site. The curiosity and my love towards Indian heritage drag me to Khajuraho.

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Erotic sculptures of Khajuraho temples
Unique art of ancient India
The opening mouth was the part of drain system
Beautiful sculptures at Khajuraho temples
Lord Vishnu have Apsara on both side

Unique art form at Khajuraho temples

These temples are more than thousand year old; so here broken sculpture can be seen on temple walls. One couple can be seen enjoying their togetherness.

Love making posture of Khajuraho

I don’t think the pictures below, that i captured from the Various temples of Khajuraho need any caption and introduction. 🙂 

erotic sculptures at Khajuraho 1

erotic sculptures at Khajuraho 2

erotic sculptures at Khajuraho 3

sex with animal at khajuraho temple

erotic sculptures at Khajuraho 5

erotic sculptures at Khajuraho 6

These sculptures may be titillating or possibly may get your jaw dropped. You can also see many love making posture of Khajuraho on its temple wall. They are not bother to hide their asset or any kind of feeling, even they celebrating the male-female bonding in public. These erotic expression are so loud and shocking, its really hard to imagine that any temples can have such images. I think such image of sexuality can be found only in ancient temple of India.

Similar sculptures can also be seen on Lingaraja temple and another famous  world heritage site of Konark Sun temple in Odisha. 

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