Dashrath Manjhi

Dashrath Manjhi: A commitment stronger than rock

Some time inspirational stories comes from a small place, which is unknown or less-known to the world even to the neighbors. During my Bodhgaya trip, when i was crossing Gahlor Ghati, i saw a wide crack in the hills. I was  Searching my mind while moving on the way where i have seen this, or read about this. Yes, have seen in tailor of a movie and documentary. This crack in the hill was not occur its own. A man Dashrath Manjhi gave 22 year of his life…….isn’t it amazing ? he spend 2 year more than the construction time of Taj Mahal (Agra). And most of us remain unaware of it if  Ketan Mehta have not made a movie  Manjhi – The Mountain Man on this topic. It is hard reality of this time, we dint recognize contribution of someone until there is a movie/documentary to appreciate that. So, i decided to visit this place on my return journey from Bodhgaya.


tools of dashrath manjhi
Tools of Dashrath Manjhi

Peoples of this area used to cross this hill to fetch grass for cattle and wood for preparing food. Due to that frequent accident happen due to slip from hill. Once Manjhi’s wife fell down and got injured. After this incident Manjhi had decided to make a path through hill. 

Every one should visit this place, its not less than any monument or any religious place. At first site, it look like a usual path made through hill. But if you imagine, an old man worked hard with normal tools ( hammer & chisels) continuously for 22 year, and without any compensation for his work. This simple path which was looking normal transform into an unimaginable task. It is like crossing a hot desert bare feet or swimming an ocean.

Monument of Commitment

It was a patch of more than 100 meter long and approx 10 meter wide and deep, which he carved out without personal motive.While he started digging in stone, everyone called it an act of madness. But only because of his madness, he ignored what people say or not. May be he knew that some day people will come here to see this godly work and bow their head to this monument. It is a message to the people in simple manner  that even a single man can make a big change to world.

When you go any important monument, you have to hire guide to know more about. But, here locals tell you everything, even they do not wait you to asking. Every people of this village try to associate himself with this crazy man, and tells you stories about that. Every one describe him as his own family member and you can see the feeling of proud on their face and tone.


Dashrath majhi memorial
Dashrath majhi memorial

Bihar Goverment also recognize his work and state funeral organised after his death in 2007,  that was attanded by many politician. a memorial in the village have been made on the name of Dashrath Manjhi.


Location of the cut made by Dashrath Manjhi
Gate to Dashrath manjhi crack
Gate to Dashrath Manjhi crack

Its lie in mid of the Gaya to Rajgir route, 30 km from both places on the Atari-Jethian-Tapovan-Banganga road in the Gahlor Ghati. Gahlor Ghati is wonderful region in the amidst of nature with lots of greenery and surrounding hills.

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